RFID & Barcode Based Software Solutions

Delmon Solutions is involved with the constantly evolving RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) & Barcode technology and specifications and is positioned to assist clients in designing and implementing complete RFID & Barcode solutions. The demand for RFID & Barcode solutions is growing. Delmon Solutions assists clients to easily deploy and manage rich RFID & Barcode solutions. Clients, regardless of the size of their organization, will be able to quickly ensure readiness for the RFID & Barcode demands of their clients, putting their business in an optimal position for growth.

RFID & Barcode technology can provide new capabilities as well as efficient methods for several applications such as health care, access control, manage, store and analyze information inventory, business processes, and security controls through access to information.It emphasizes more in real time tractability of vehicle, personnel, goods and stocks. This technology has opened new doors to make organizations, companies more secure, reliable, and accurate.


  • Real time data
  • RFID & Barcode based centralized tracking.
  • Trigger/exception based alerts or specific warning notifications.
  • User mapping details from central database.
  • All data at central location.
  • Reduction of security personnel.
  • Transaction reporting is very easy.
  • Prevents manual error and saves time.

Our RFID & Barcode Based Products