Dashboard Monitoring Solutions

Every client has specific dashboard needs and our methodology ensures we discover yours. Using our collaborative approach, your organization and a Delmon expert will

  • Analyze the purpose and corporate goals of your dashboards
  • Explore your current technical challenges and uncover any hidden requirements
  • Identify the skills and technologies needed to fill the gaps
  • Deliver solutions tailored to your current challenges and future needs

Real time Dashboards

Real time dashboard monitoring include the dashboard that show up on a big screen in a monitoring room. The foremost use of real time dashboards is for immediate decision-making. The information is easy to interpret, alert users to problems, and make the next action obvious. In addition to key success metrics, real-time dashboards may show detailed data about the action “on the ground”


  • A summary status that indicates how things stand overall
  • Reflecting a well-understood structure of the business
  • Support quick diagnosis of problems
  • Simple data presentation
  • Granular view of the “unit of action”
  • Appropriate time window
  • Prominent but balanced alerts
  • Point to specific action


Custom crystal reporting can be provides based on the business requirements allowing you to accurately measure the effectiveness of each KPI for your organization.

Reporting Features

  • Custom Reporting as per requirements
  • Export Reports to Excel, Word, CSV, PDF
  • Date Range – Generate reports based on a specific date range
  • Flexibility to generate reports based on vast selection criteria
  • Save reports to Repository
  • Auto Archive Reports
  • Auto Email Reporting