Big Data Analytics

Our Services

We offer consulting, implementation, and support services in Big Data Analytics. Our Big Data Service Offerings include:

Big Data Consulting and Planning Services

  •  Defining architecture and assessment
  • Defining architecture and assessment
  • Technology platform evaluation
  • Consulting for platform suitability

Big Data Implementation Services

  • Installation and configuration services of Hadoop solutions, especially for new environment
  • Customized application development based on MapReduce Programming
  • Providing social media analysis or web log analysis based on robust platforms like Hive, Hadoop, etc.
  • Visualization and analytic services covering text mining, statistical programming, etc.

Big Data Support Services

  • Real time preventive maintenance support
  • Secure backup and data recovery
  • Robust data administration

Evaluating a Big Data Proof of Concept ? All you need to do is send us a email at and we would get back to you to evaluate the suitability of Big Data Analytics for your Business.

In today’s data driven world, it’s a must for Organizations to master the emerging discipline of Big Data management to drive innovation, growth and profitability. With ever growing data channels & device proliferation, data generation is increasing exponentially in volume, variety and complexity.

However, implementing a Big Data Strategy is a daunting task and amidst constantly changing technology landscape, it becomes even more difficult for Businesses to have scalable team setup to conceptualize and execute Big Data engagements. This is where clients rely on Delmon Solutions’ experience and expertise in delivering a sound strategy that not only leverages your existing investments but also charts a clear and achievable path to achieve your Business objectives.

There are tremendous Business benefits of implementing a Big Data based Solutions. Most organizations only process about 12% of their data – which means 88% of the data is either not collected or analyzed to make smart business decisions. In an increasing connected and real-time world, decisions need to be made on 100% of the facts and in real-time; to stay competitive and relevant. This is how Big Data can fuel your Business growth.

We can process data coming from varied sources including IoT Devices, Sensors, Web logs, automation communication protocols, RFID Systems, Social media, financial and retail transactions and more.

Delmon Solutions Data Scientists strive hard to bring in a Self Service approach to Big Data implementation wherein the ultimate objective is to make every user a super user of Big Data. We are passionate about connecting the power of technology to solve real life Business challenges, that too, at a fraction of time and cost.

Our end to end solutions are designed to meet your needs and scale up to accommodate your growth. We provide economical solutions, but never compromise on the core technology components. Our Solutions are built on industry standard and open-source platform.