Industrial IoT – Remote Monitoring

Providing remote access to data and analytics to service experts will close the loop of continued improvement. Online availability of support from a device or process expert is essential for a quick resolution of unwanted situations. Coupling remote access with new technologies allows earlier detection, better diagnostics, and therefore facilitates faster service – resulting in better planning and an increase in efficiency.

Data collection and data analysis enabled by the industrial Internet of Things may increase knowledge and allow  predictions, but unless someone acts on these, there will be no effect on the operational performance and direct value to customers across various industries. Only when the knowledge is turned into actions and issues are resolved will there be a benefit from analyzing more data.

When it comes to remote monitoring and maintenance, for example, IoT data integration enables lower costs, reduced time to repair, and even completely new business models and revenue streams—ideal for meeting the competitive challenges of the digital age.

Connected products can even reduce or avoid having to dispatch service engineers to fix the product in the first place. The cost implications of this for businesses cannot be overstated, helping businesses add to the bottom line through greatly improved profit margins.


Secure bidirectional communication with equipment.

View realtime status of equipment parameters.

Build custom widgets to suit your monitoring needs

Powerful APIs to integrate with any system.

Real-time alerts over Email and SMS.

Reports, Dashboards on real time basis with data export options.

Big Data storage to monitor at any scale.


Remote monitoring lets businesses upgrade and control products in the field.

Remote monitoring along with predictive analytics can reduce outages and improve uptime.

Remote monitoring reduces the cost of delivering service.

Remote monitoring enables businesses to transform the customer service experience.

Lower total cost of ownership.

Increase Productivity.

Access levels can be managed to enhance security.