Industrial IoT – Work in Progress and Production Planning

Production planning and scheduling with a real time view of available process, systems and people is helping many manufacturing companies to do more than just produce workable production plans, it’s delivering plans that help to strike an effective balance between the demands of meeting delivery dates and managing workflow efficiently and economically. This helps to identify untapped production capacity to respond positively to new sales opportunities.

The Delmon Scheduler provides a powerful and easy to use production planning and scheduling solution that generates accurate schedules based on your actual capacity, material and delivery requirements. Capacity planning and scheduling ensures that your capacity is taken into account from the moment you start to plan. It means that anything that could potentially constrain the production process, such as people, machine capacities, tooling, and material availability, is factored into the schedule, resulting in a much more accurate calculation of your throughput capability.

Scheduler allows you to create a realistic model of your capacity by defining the key factors such as resources, individual workplace efficiency, shift times and calendars. It helps you to work leaner.


Create a realistic model of available capacity – administer workplaces, define standard maximum and minimum hourly rates, individual work place efficiency and shift start times.

Manage the routing information required for scheduling, e.g. material, operation numbers, resource(s), and setting and cycle times.

Built-in scheduling rules take the time, complexity and errors out of planning.

Manage operational constraints – set rules such as no overlap, earliest start and latest end dates.


Increase resource efficiency.

Reduce lead times.

Reduce costs by minimising stock and inventory.

Get early indications of potential problems and take corrective action to avoid late deliveries.

Respond quickly to changes with real time visibility of live production information and KPI performance analysis.

Identify untapped production capacity to respond positively to new sales opportunities.

Reduce outsourcing by maximising the utilisation of your existing resources.