Track and Trace System

Track and trace your assets within an office, warehouse or store environment with our industry established asset tracking software. Web-based and leveraging the latest mobile network technologies, Delmon streamlines your business functions by automating asset management processes. With a choice of technologies that may be implemented, we can provide you with a complete automated barcode or RFID tracking and management solution for your business.

Company’s growth typically depends on winning more deals — and winning them faster. Sales Manager Dashboard can help you organize the sales methodology, automate the entire process from introduction to close and make your sales process much more efficient. There is a built in powerful sale reporting feature that will allow you to see the CRM sales analytics and Sales dashboard needed to run and improve your business. Regardless of application, Sales Dashboard Manager has become extremely popular over years. We offer you an easy to use web based application with the scope of functionality you require at an affordable price.


Real-time visibility into inventory, components and raw materials across internal and external facilities and systems.

Tools to manage and confirm inventory lock-down or release across your digital network.

End-to-end traceability throughout the digital supply chain, tying consumer shipments to manufacturing orders and supplier lots.

Real-time reporting and collaboration tools for retailers to register recall statistics for comprehensive visibility into exposure and containment.

Cloud-based entry from multi-tiered suppliers.


Manage every aspect of your asset’s life cycle, from acquisition through disposal.

Improve Asset Performance – Track and manage asset availability, and apply maintenance strategies according to an asset’s ‘criticality’ and increase Return on Assets across the entire asset life cycle.

Cost control – Balance maintenance costs against replacement costs, reduce unplanned downtime and identify warranty opportunities and minimise maintenance overtime.

Manage Preventative Maintenance – Astrack can generate planned maintenance work orders for individual assets or asset rounds.

Accurate Audit and Reporting Tool – Changes to selected database tables can be tracked.