POS Series

POS Series devices are equipped with 3 in 1 credit card payment system allows users to use in nearly any place where transactions happen. There are many types of retail business and a fact is all of them require processing transactions. Catching up with the latest payment forms is critical for any retail business. It is time to giving up processing tasks with multiple devices.

Mobile POS
Mobile POS device comes with 3 in 1 credit card payment system always assists retail business to process payment faster than ever. Beyond quicker payment process, Hera allows servers or associates to process ordering food or any product for customers.

Tablet POS
Perfect integration of both tablet POS and payment system allows sales associates or any user to provide better service at ease. Apollo allows your employees checking status of stock and demonstrating latest trend to your valuable customers in seconds.

Desktop POS
Tremendous 15″ touch display allows users to view each item clearly without concerning age of your staff. We understand that checkout counters of any industry are very busy and highly critical to influence customer shopping experience. Ares has got your back covered with powerful support of every function.