Tenant Billing Solution

Tenant Billing software provides organisations with the ability to monitor energy use and accurately divide utility costs between tenants, cost centre or departments. Tenant billing software can be used in multiple occupancy buildings.

The tenant billing system gives flexibility to manage some of the real world situations, where unfathomable meter arrangements may need subtraction, apportionment and addition of meters.

Our tenant billing components not only couple with assets but with point-of-sale, finance and invoice which makes it ideal for companies who manage or own multi-let properties or multiple including shopping centers, residential housing, retail parks, airports, ports, industrial sites or service stations. Even if subletting may not be the key focus of your business, this system is the optimum tool to pass on costs of utility to other departments or organisations who occupy a part of your building.

Accurate utility bills can be made from supplier meters, sub meters, AMR meters, manually read meters or BEMS systems, in any proportion or combination. The consumption costs applied vary from very easy unit charges to complicated recharging tariffs using capacity, demand, multiple unit bands and standing charges.


Multiple roles for user – site engineer, building owner tenant etc.

Access to specific portions of the applications based on role.

Valid license should be present. Number of meters can be configured in the license.

Configure Campus, Building, Floor, Area, Tenants, Meters and Communication protocol etc

Latest data for different parameters of the meters displayed.

Consumption and demand trends, Consumption share of tenants, weekday vs weekend consumption

Tenant and occupancy information, Bill payment status, Meter working status

Current and past bills. Consumption of various types of meters

Monthly, weekly and custom period consumption reports

Set Electricity, Generator rates, adjustment factors. Generate combined bills for Electricity, BTU, Gas and Water meters.

Auto generate bills, admin approval and email to tenants.

Meter status – Working, Error code present or No fresh data received from Meter.


Web Based Software, Accessible From Anywhere.

Flexible and adaptable to your requirements

Option to apply different tariffs and add extra charges

Direct interface with meters, sub-meters or BMS.

Capacity to provide tenants with detailed consumption information allowing them to take control of their own CO2 emissions

Offer lower leasing costs through improved conservation measures.

Improve system up-time with equipment monitoring.

Produce invoices to a specific date for change of tenancies.